5 Ways To Land Your Dream Job

Finding a job these days in any part of the world is sometimes if not all times more difficult to see.

The search can be very hectic, as the industries these days are filled up with robotics, which is doubling up for human manpower.

Getting a dream job is somewhat a mirage in some developing nations in the world today, you see misplacing of positions at different office vacancies, the working space has become a place for who knows who and no longer competence and mastery. Lots of professions now have unskilled or trained persons working there, while those who are fit for the job aren’t there to do their jobs.

Society must learn to separate between, a carrier and a job? A carrier is a path one takes to bring fulfilment to the desired goal, this can also double up as a job, but the intent is to bring about fulfilment. While a job is solely done to get paid and proffer a solution to an organization’s problem.

So, while we need to learn to separate this, is because, most instances have proven that, people with the carrier are not most times employable like those with skills. So the question now is, how does one turn his/her carrier into a job? How can my carrier path bring about a solution in an organization and also pay the bills?

Until these questions are carefully answered, we won’t come to terms with what these two means. Being a carrier person doesn’t automatically earn you a job, it only creates a path to getting a job, but isn’t the job in itself.
Constant research needs to be done by young professionals on these concepts of carrier and getting a job, what type of job, and what the job entails.

How to Get a Job:

Getting a job, and especially a dream can be tasking. Most times, one needs to go all out in gathering skills, a lot of skills needed for a particular kind of job, this is because, oftentimes, schools are only or too theoretical in their old school approaches to learning and communication system to students, which affects individuals after they leave school, however, a school primary objectives should be to prepare one for bigger tasks ahead, by providing both theoretical and practical (skills) steps to approach different challenges faced in the society today. While getting a job can be tasking and also demanding, it is important, that the individual is equipped to be able to combat the stress and challenges that come with each job. Let’s look at the steps and procedures we can use to get our dream job:

  1.  Discover Self: Discovering self is a powerful pointer to where and what you can achieve in life, whether in a job or day-to-day life routines. No one person is the same, every individual has unique abilities that keep them at their best and their game. Sometimes, people tend to copy each other, and this is where a lot of mistakes come in, trying to be like someone else will cost you not just deflection of purpose, but also cost you your dream job.
  2. Getting Started: This is an important stage in which you prepare yourself and your resume for the job search ahead. The tips offer advice for getting your job search started, including refreshing your resume and developing necessary skills. A lot of people prefer to get a job before they put up their resumes well. While getting started is one of the tops on the list, is because, with preparation, opportunities might be lost.
  3. Prepare to Network: Networking is a critical part of the job search—by reaching out to contacts, you can get advice on your search, and even hear about job openings that might be a good fit for you. These tips offer a variety of strategies for good networking, including using LinkedIn, creating business cards, and getting active on Twitter. Step time in creating and organizing contacts, there very important to your dream job search.
  4. Start Your Job Hunt: This is where your job search begins in earnest. After consulting with a career counsellor or exploring options on your own, you narrow your job search by creating an employer target list and finding contacts at those companies. Use Your Network Get advice on how to use your network, from contacting friends and family to setting up informational interviews. Find Job Listings Gain advice on how to find jobs, both online and through other means (such as job fairs). It also provides advice on how to keep your job search organized.
  5. Interview and Follow-up: Learn all you need to know about preparing for the interview and following up afterwards. Don’t wait to be reached, most times two weeks after each interview reach out to the organization, asking to know the nature of your job, what is the current stage of your interview and if there is additional information they might want or any other opportunities they might have. Don’t just relax, after a job search, follow up the process and know how well you did with your search and processes.

Carefully researching these five (5) steps over time, has given me a proper way to search for my dream job and get one. Also get all documents ready, after searching for a job and putting up a beautiful resume, you might also need a cover or motivation letter, stating why you are the best suited for the job, most times your employers want you to express yourself in words and writing and to see your professionalism in communication skills, writing skills and fluency and flow of thoughts.

You have to give each job search, your best shots and go for it with your A game, remember, they are also a thousand of persons applying for the same job, so you must have to be good, extremely good, to stand a chance among other persons to be considered or selected for a job or position in an organization.

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