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Kizz Daniel Drops Anticipated ‘TZA’ EP: 4 Tracks Inside

Sooner, Showa, Too Busy To Be Bae & Twe Twe on Kizz Daniel's TZA EP

TZA EP by Kizz Daniel

Nigeria’s sensational singer-songwriter, Kizz Daniel, has dropped his much-anticipated EP, ‘TZA,’ featuring a dynamic collection of four tracks.

Known for consistently delivering chart-toppers that dominate the airwaves, Kizz Daniel’s latest project is set to leave a lasting impression.

The EP kicks off with established favorites like the infectious ‘Twe Twe‘ and the playful ‘Too Busy To Be Bae.’ These tracks have already captured the hearts of fans, showcasing Kizz Daniel’s knack for creating instant hits. However, the excitement doesn’t end there, as the EP introduces two fresh additions, ‘Sooner’ and ‘Showa,’ poised to join the ranks of Kizz Daniel’s iconic bangers.

In a music scene longing for standout hits, ‘TZA’ arrives as a breath of fresh air, injecting pure energy into the listener’s experience. Kizz Daniel proves once again that he’s a force to be reckoned with, delivering a feast of musical delights for his dedicated fan base.

With ‘TZA,’ Kizz Daniel invites fans to immerse themselves in the joyous celebration of his music. So, turn up the volume, press play, and let the entertainment begin.

Listen to TZA EP Tracks below:

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  1. Alex W Howe

    3 weeks ago

    Good vibe


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