Love or hate: Wizkid, Davido, and Burna Boy are international acts

Wizkid, , and Burna boy stand unrivaled as some of the most popular music artists dealing in contemporary African music.

They continue to drive their fans and critics crazy with incredible performances and jaw-dropping hits. Just like many other celebrities, these artists have had their fair share of praise and controversies from the general public. Gather around for an interesting overview that will help you to discover more about your favorite superstars.


Right from his early days in the industry, we all knew Wizkid was special. The superstar who started recording music at the age of 11 came into the industry and hasn’t stopped giving us the same energy as when he first started. Wizkid’s recent album “Made In Lagos” was the real deal in terms of relatable music and non-stop entertainment. Wizkid is a man of many achievements and is also one of the most awarded musicians in Africa. He has gone on to win several awards both locally and internationally including the prestigious Grammy Awards. For one, he is the youngest African artist to get nominated for a Grammy. His featured work with Beyoncé for ‘Brown Skin Girl’ (best music video category) was a great move on his part as it further propelled his music career.

Wizkid’s double nomination at the 2022 Grammys for best global music album and best global performance was a positive influence on his career. Unfortunately, he lost both nominations but it no doubt opened up his career to more opportunities. Another one of the numerous feats that Wizkid has achieved is being the first Afro-pop artiste to be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. He achieved this through his collaboration with Drake to produce the mega-hit ‘One Dance’. The successful song reached over 1 billion streams on Spotify. In terms of live shows, Wizkid hasn’t held back on breaking international records. He holds the record for being the first Afro-pop star to host a live show at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The beautiful part of it all is that Wizkid not only performed at the revered venue but also sold out all the tickets!

Wizkid also has a community of loyalist called Wizkid FC.


David Adedeji Adeleke with the nickname O.B.O is a sensational music artist, songwriter, and producer. The 29-year-old singer also owns a record label called Davido Music Worldwide (DMW). One admirable thing about the singer is how he never gave up on his dream of becoming a successful superstar. His song ‘Dami Duro’ secured the Next rated awards for the singer and ever since then it has been a festival of awards and nominations for the star. Some of his albums like ‘Omo Baba Olowo’, ‘The Baddest’, and ‘A Better Time’ have enjoyed international approval from his fans worldwide. At the moment, Davido’s “Good Time” comfortably sits as the most-streamed African album, and guess how many streams the album has had. Not 1 million, not 100 million, but over a whopping 1 billion streams all over the world.

Davido has been a blessing to Nigerian music giving us groovy hits back to back. Davido has always set the pace with a high number of views for every music video on YouTube. The majority of Davido’s fans are Nigerians, but a good chunk of those YouTube views are typically from fans outside the country. Racking up millions of YouTube views is easy peasy for Davido, so it didn’t come as much of a surprise when the artist set the record for being the most watched Nigerian music artist on YouTube. Even though he has not won a Grammy yet, Davido has won several other international awards like the BET award for Best International Act and MTV Europe Awards for Best African Act. The superstar continues to surprise us with his evolution in the industry which is evidenced by his recent song ‘Stand Strong’ which slightly drifts away from the typical style of songs we are used to hearing Obo sing.

Davido’s love and enthusiasm for “We rise by lifting others” is already paying off on a platter of gold.

Burna Boy

The truth is that Burna boy (The African Giant) just has that wow factor. He is one artist that truly knows his craft. With 1 Grammy, 1 Grammy nomination, 3 BET Awards, and other global awards, “The African Giant” has secured his spot as an internationally recognized artist. The fact is that Burna boy’s streaming statistics are off the charts. Only months ago, he reached 200 million streams on Boomplay, a feat for which he has been celebrated as the first ever African artist to achieve. Ironically, Burna boy initially went through an awkward period in his career when his music wasn’t half as appreciated and adored as it is right now. His songs eventually rose in popularity after they became a daily anthem for much of the Nigerian populace. Songs like ‘Ye’, ‘On The Low’, ‘Gbona’, ‘Loved by You’, and ‘Last Last’ elicited energetic responses from Africans everywhere from the ghetto to the dance parties. Still, he continued to push through, creating music that could resonate with everybody whether the person is young or old or rich or poor that doesn’t matter as the star is now getting all the recognition he deserves.

Burna boy has had top international collaborations that some African artists can only dream of. At some point, it seems as though every big artist wants Burna boy on their songs. Some of the highly coveted collaborations he has had are with Sia, Beyoncé, Justin Bieber, Sam Smith, and Stormzy. To top it off, Burna boy has proclaimed himself as the most valuable and highest-paid artist to sing in Africa.

The Odogwu himself is known with his “Talk and do” attitude. delivery on Afrobeats makes fans basks in euphoria.


Wizkid, Davido, and Burna boy are mega-successful artists that Africa as a continent has been blessed with. The singers have worked their way to the top to secure their slots in the Afrobeats hall of fame. The issue should not be about comparing them to one another but should be about celebrating the superstars for making African proud in the international music scene. The artists have proved that truly deserved the awards and applause that they have gotten so far and whether anyone likes it or not, they are all international acts.

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