Master of Storm by Anisere Akinade

One of the stratagems that propel President Muhammadu Buhari into the highest political office was the padded lies that was well enveloped and delivered to the masses via dementia couriers on military wits.

The president engagement in the military activities since youthful age was a major selling point that was used to blindfold Nigerians into believing that he possess every technical know-how on tackling the insurgency situation across the nation, which was manipulatively inherited from the previous government.

It is however undoubtedly expected that an individual who started his military career at the age of nineteen and who rose to the rank of a Major General, through several painstaking trainings home and abroad, should be well equipped with adequate knowledge, and strategies to curb the menace of insecurity to a commendable level, but here we are today, bewildered at the gross Incompetency of a so called experienced military personnel. It has eventually dawn on the masses that the accolades written and spoken about PMB is nothing but a myth.

I recall penning down that “the worse is yet to happen” in my previous article titled ” _Roses of Blood_ “. It wasn’t a prophetic declaration, but a statement borne out of critical observation of the frivolous leadership of this shameless administration. Ever since, there have been several major banditry strike across the nation, continuous reports of kidnappings, heavy presence of militants, armed fulani herdsmen, and unknown gunmen, killings of soldiers which involves an advance military troop of the presidency, killing of special presidential guard, a threat to kidnap the president and a sitting governor, and inhumane attack on the people of _OWO_ in Ondo state for the second time, overwhelming embezzlement, wasteful expenditures, and knowing that majority of the Abuja-Kaduna train attack victims are still held hostage hits differently.

Amidst all these uncouth happenings, the best response from the government had always been a haphazardly retaliation. There is a huge flaw of dexterity by the PMB led administration in overseeing the affairs of the state. Insecurities, neglected education (ASUU), economy deterioration and many more uncanny things, have become an incessant challenges in the country.

2023 election is fast approaching, and political mercenaries are already taking advantage of myopic youths, by trying so hard to market another clueless presidential candidate whose priority is solely on how to milk the treasury of the state without remorse.

I do hope that the youths will not fall for the gimmicks of religion and political sentiment, and vote massively against egocentric, selfish, backward and power-drunk aged politicians in the coming election so that a breath of life can be felt again.

*Be security conscious*

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