“Odoyewu” Meaning by Kizz Daniel {Explained}

Odoyewu Meaning

What does mean as inferred by in his new song titled “Odo”?. Well, here is Odoyewu meaning explained by Vista Naija Media.

Odoyewu Meaning

Odoyewu is a Ghanaian word which means “Love that lasts forever”. “Odo” is a Ghanaian word for “Love” while “Yewu” is the Ghanaian word for “Eternal or forever”. When you put it together, “Odoyewu” means “A love that exists forever or till eternity”

Odoyewu song Meaning by Kizz Daniel 

Odoyewu by Kizz Daniel means ” Love that exists forever” or eternal love.  That is Odoyewu meaning as inferred in the song

Odoyewu Meaning speaks mainly about how he wants to flex his love and be with his lover in the best ways as possible because he understands that loving his girl or his wife is important but taking care of her is way more important because it speaks to how he respects her.

Based on Odoyewu meaning by Kizz Daniel, he says he wants the best for his wife because not only does it make her feel good, it makes him feel good too because the sense of responsibility makes him feel that he is doing everything he can to be a responsible person.


Kizz Daniel’s Odoyewu is breathtaking. The delivery is so good that you start wondering how Kizz Daniel has gotten so good with song delivery.

Literally all his songs bear this amazing delivery that makes you feel hooked to his song because he always delivers.

The delivery is what exalts the lyrics of the song because it makes you realize that the song has been hammered into your brain and has made an impact so much that you want to want to listen to it as many times a possible.

Can we start with the Chorus and the hook?

They are so catchy they will make you remember the song fondly and very well because that’s the things about Kizz Daniel’s songs.

The “Odoyewu e wu” will make you want to listen to the song and relate to it even if you don’t remember all the lyrics of the lyrics of the song.

Replay Value

Kizz Daniel Odoyewu lyrics as well as the Relatability and delivery makes the song have a high replay value.

It is indeed impressive and it gives a “hit” song vibe. Kudos to Kizz Daniel on this song.


The cough at the beginning was triggering. Did it really have to be on the song? It almost reduces the replay value of the song.

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